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Tambo Machay

Water way close up

Puca Pucara

Foundation walls of old buildings

Q'enko waterway determines fortunes. Left for bad luck, right for good

Meant to be a toad?


More Inca ruins to explore. Oh, this area is great.

We visited Saysayhuaman yesterday but because Anna wasn't feeling up to the job decided to leave the other three sights close to Cusco until today.

We caught a bus up to the highest of the sights Tambo Machay and had a quick look at the ceremonial baths. Fountains still channel fresh water through the structure. Even though it is only a small sight it is still very impressive and a good start to another Inca related day.

Just across the main road was the second site of the day Puca Pucara or the 'Red Fort', so named because when the sun is shining the bricks have a red hue. Unfortunately not much sun today but plenty to see all the same. Puca Pucara was most likely a hunting lodge or guard post overlooking the Cusco valley.

The last site of the day a few k's on was the rather strange Qenko. Lost of rocks piled on top of each other, a standing rock supposed to represent a toad, an undergroud funerary mound and a fountain in the form of a tadpole were just some of the many features. When it rains and water flows down the tadpole channel the path it takes decides the fortune for those who consulted it. We added some water and ended up with bad luck. Oh dear.

After returning to Cusco city we visited the last museum on our tourist ticket, the Museo Arqeologica Coricancha which was another rather disappointing affair as most of the articles we saw here were of better quality and quantity elsewhere. Still the Santa Domingo church which is built on the foundations of the Coricancha (once the Inca empire's richest temple) is quite a sight and deserved a photo or two. The Coricancha used to be covered in gold and the temple walls were lined with 700 sheets of solid gold, that was until the conquistadors arrived.

Day 303 complete

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