Danny and Anna's Round The World Trip 2005 travel blog

Rodriguez & Melissa

Smile for the camera. Thay can't get enough of my short hair.

San Blas church

Heading up Calle San Blas

An unknown substance has left me feeling weak as a kitten for the last couple of days, whilst Danny, who eats virtually the same as me is fine. After a sleepless night for both of us we headed very slowly into town to book my Spanish School and Homestay for next week. The extremely difficult assessment they gave us, Danny had a crack just for fun, means that I will probably join the beginners in their second week.

After all that exertion I crawled back to the GH whilst Danny moseyed around town talking to agencies about his trek and wooing some unsuspecting female in the market who wanted him to go dancing with her that evening.

He returned home armed with grapes for the invalid and flushed with pride having pulled and signed up for Spanish School too having decided against the trekking.

Day 301 complete

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