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So I keep brushing my teeth with warm water. For some reason, most of the taps are reversed and even though they sometimes have the universal colour coding of blue for cold and red for hot, it's hard to break the habit. No idea why they are different. Anyway, imagine how that tastes when slightly warmed and slightly melted Colgate reaches your lips - um yum. This is only a minor inconvenience though.

I think Kristine's issues are funnier. For example, she's having a great time lifting up her arms to show me her newly minted armpit hair - I don't think there's ever been any there! We don't take a lot of time for shaving and such, and there's a bit of a novelty in it for her I think. I suggested she get it braided with some beads and things so that she could show it off. She was not impressed, and went on to make dinner...

Napier was completely destroyed by an earthquake in the early thirties and consequently, the entire town was rebuilt with an art deco theme because that is what was popular at the time. It's pretty cool to see all of it together, but it's a little bit of overkill. Understandable I guess since they had to rebuild the entire place. I keep waiting for Crockett and Tubbs to walk around the corner and I couldn't get that 80's theme music out of my head either. If you didn't know where you were, you'd swear you were in Miami Beach.

The YHA was pretty nice here as well - right on the water and we could hear the waves at night. I think we made the entire hostel drool by making homemade pizza's though. You could here the buzz around us in various languages "Hey - did you see those Canadians - they're making pizzas - how can we get some???" They obviously didn't know Kristine; you see, some people are kleptomaniacs, some are pyromaniacs, some are obsessive compulsive, and others are just plain anal. Well Kristine is a bit of a compulsive shareomanic. What's that you say? Well, she just can't wrap her head around the fact that 20 people run around the same kitchen all making different things at the same time. Why don't they just make one thing together and all eat it? Reasonable logic.

The Aussies made lamb. The French, fried steak. And the Korean guy boiled a whole chicken and then dipped it in salt piece by piece. Traditional Korean he said. We traded some pizza for some of the chicken, and it wasn't half bad actually. Anyway, the pizza was shared by a number of people, but I still managed to keep some for lunch the next day ;)

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