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Puppet Show in Jewish Quarter of the Old City

A crowd starts to gather as the show opens

Girls waiting for prospective husbands

Puppet Show

From Backstage

Boy From Audence Called Up

The Moderator


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The Puppet Show

Wandering through the Old City at dusk we found a puppet show in progress. Amongst First Temple period ruins dozens of children were enjoying a puppet show. The theme of the puppet show was of course Torah!

As I understood the show four little girls (kallahs) were brought on stage to audition their prospective husbands (chosans). These prospective husbands were the puppets who danced around the little girls. I couldn't understand most of the dialog but did get a few key words and of course it was a puppet show.

I have another puppet show movie clip that is too long to upload to this website. If you want to watch it contact me. If you can understand the dialog of the puppet show please let me know what was being said.

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