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Jaz in Puripuri grove

Looking out towards Shoe Island

Cathedral Cove

Cathedral Cove

Cathedral Cove

On Hot Water Beach

Square Kauri

Di embracing Square Kauri

Rose at Westwind

Spent the morning mooching round Whangamata, very small but exclusive town, lots of sales on, so of course, lots of purchases! Drove round Coromandel coast to a much needed walk down to Cathedral Cove. Usual confusing NZ signs giving times for the walks - the first sign said 40 mins. After a 10-minute walk the signs suddenly became 45 mins and in fact it only took 25 mins. Then back on the road again, driving to Hot Water Beach when a Possum ran across the road in front of us, looked like a Pekinese dog. Now this is very unusual cuz not only are Possums meant to be nocturnal, but they also usually walk on their back feet. People kept telling us we had seen a rabbit but I think Jaz and I can tell wot a rabbit looks like and this was no rabbit. we are sticking to the 'it was a Possum' line.

On to Hot Water Beach where you can dig a hole in the sand and it automatically fills with hot water, very weird, especially when the tide comes in. You can have your feet in hot water and cold water from there up to your knees.

Then on Jaz's suggestion went off-roading, (sorry Cliff,) (and of course very sorry to the hire car company should they ever read this), (what do you mean that's not covered on our insurance!!) to see the Square Kauri, a tree saved from the loggers because of its unusual shape. Took ages due to the road not being sealed, (or tarmac to you and ne), so decided to take a break. Had a meal in a Maori restaurant in Thames, very unusual fare, including mutton bird, (like a sea gull,) and Hapuku (a fish). Booked into Westwind Homestay a few miles away over the phone which was lucky as we'd never have found it without Linda's instructions. Back out in the back-blocks again! Right at the end of a lane off another lane! Lovely place though, fresh roses in our bedroom and bathroom and all those extra touches like nailfiles in the bathroom, that make it feel like home. Linda took us to the very top of the lane, to see their very own glow worms, very impressive. Waitomo eat your heart out.

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