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Joanne's really happy about being back at sea

Back on sea kayak

Views from the cruise 1


The Wanataki Cruise was packed full of free activities such as snorkelling, kayaking, movies, board games and great food.

Unfortunately Joanne was feeling sea sick again so was in bed early the first night whilst Peter stayed up playing drinking games with the lads. He also managed to neck 12 bowls of Kava only to find himself going back and forth to the toilet for the rest of the night.

We decided to go snorkelling on the second day in a nice bay just off the island of Naviti. After being in the sea for five minutes and seeing some of the best reef we've ever seen, Peter managed to spot a transparent jelly fish which was no bigger than a pint glass. Within seconds, Peter performed some kind of reverse swimming technique and noticed even more of the little things dotted all over the lagoon. I also remembered thinking "this wasn't advertised in the brochure" and "get back you b******" as we panicked to reach the shuttle boat. Fortunately, we managed to escape the water sting free.


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