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Well I finally arrived this morning around 12 a.m.... a full 24 hours after I was supposed to be home. My flight for Saturday was cancelled flying out of Leeds to Amsterdam. I was furious because the airline handled matters so poorly. I was already at the airport and had checked in (that's a whole other story on its own) and was told there would be a delay. Then, right before boarding, the little tv screen flashed flight cancelled. Over 200 people waited in line to be reticketed by... just guess how many people working the ticket counter? Two! Crazy.... American airports are SO much more efficient. By the time I was retickted (2 hours later), there were no remaining flights. The airline refused to pay for hotel costs, transportation, food or tickets (I'm having a little phone conversation with them today). So, I lugged all my suitcases back to the dorm, called my parents in crying hysterics, and finally calmed down.

It actually ended up being a blessing... it's amazing how God works. First, my taxi driver to the airport was this lady, Ivonne. We talked a lot about her dream to have her own business. I just tried to encourage her and tell her the rewards outweighed the risks. Anyway, when I went to the airport the second day, Ivonne was my taxi driver again. She was SO excited. She told me that what I had said had made her day and she had thought of business plans all day. She said she wished she would have gotten my phone number because she wanted to talk to me again. So, it was good to know I made a small difference in someone else's day!

Secondly, I decided to go to the Chronicles of Narnia on Saturday evening after my flight was cancelled. My friend Carl went with me... anyway, we have had some deep religious discussions and Carl is very openly an atheist. I was just excited he went to the movie. Of course, it may not have made much of an impact, but you never know.

So now I'm at home. I had over 17 hours of travel time yesterday and didn't sleep the entire flight. I thought I'd sleep in today, but no, I was up at 5:50 a.m. But right now (in the afternoon) my sleepiness is starting to hit. I'll be working on calling all of you the next few days... but if you want to call me, too, I'd love to hear from you!

Have a really wonderful week. Remember that God works everything out and has a plan for everything - good or bad - that happens!

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