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Driving Through India can be summed up the phrase "whew, that was close" It is sort of like a high speed obstacle course. There are the stationary cows and dogs and goats, the slow moving people, bicycles and rickhaws with people hanging in on and around them, the buses with people hanging in on and around them, the truck which do literally take up the entirety of the narrow traversable section down the centre of the road, and finally the potholes and bumps. Our drive was very skilled in the brake and avoid maneuver. We did however arrive without incident, though somewhat shaken and glad we didn't take the overcrowded bus.

We spent the afternoon walking the streets of Khajuraho and relaxing in our Hotel. The atmosphere in Khajuraho, a major tourist stop, is definitely busier than Orchha but also more pleasant than either Delhi or Agra.


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