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Just to prove I was there

Gettin up close and personal

A big splash from the boat

My travelling companions - Maya & Vince

Viewing from the platform

Wow, I got butterflies in my stomach at the first sight of this glacier. Absolutely incredible. My guidebook says its 'one of earths most active icefields'. The glacier is an amazing 60m in height with sharp, blue jagged ice-peaks - and large icebergs floating below.

My first real view of the glacier was from a boat. I think I took about 6 seperate photos to get a full panoramic shot of the whole glacier. Big chunks of ice fall from the glacier - its like this loud crack of thunder. Everyone grabs for their cameras like they're grabbing for a gun and their life depended on it. There was one incredibly large chunk that fell and landed in the water while we were in the boat - then there was this huge surge of water and it looked like the creation of a tidlewave. A great rush!! The rest of the day was spent watching the glacier from catwalks - very addictive just waiting and hoping for more chunks of ice the size of a car to fall.

The temperature is only 5 degrees and it doesnt get dark until midnight. Hard to believe we were in the tropics only a few days ago.

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