Danny and Anna's Round The World Trip 2005 travel blog

Plenty of sharp corners in the desert

The desolate Atacama

The record for longest bus journey has been achieved. 31.5 hours of Chilean highway covered. We travelled half the length of the country and watched the landscape change from rolling green hills to sun baked plains and then in the far north of the country to the Atacama desert.

The ride was actually not too bad, it was relatively comfortable in our reclining seats, we got to watch some newish films and got fed, albeit crappy meals. I was fortunate to be allowed in the front to have a chat with the driver (so he could practice english and me spanish) and managed to get some photos.

At 5'o clock we arrived in Arica the border town with Peru and tried to find our way to a hostel we had heard about. We managed to walk down the wrong road but after catching a taxi we arrived at Sunny Days hostel. Ah, the relief.

Although we were still tired we got chatting with a Dutch guy called Jos who lives in Santiago, met up with his mate and then went out to a few bars before going to the discotheque to boogie on down until the early hours, Chilean style. The latin sounds were booming out of the speakers and we watched the sexy moves of the locals as they strutted their stuff. Very good to watch especially for all those gyrating hotties. Oh yeah!

Day 294 complete

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