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Boys check this hottie out

Rather nice Peruvian beach

The old train station

The Eiffel Church?

The harbour we overlooked at dinner

The family at Sunny Days Hostal where we are staying laid on a stupendous breakfast for us and we had that lovely feeling of being nicely full in our bellies as we hunted down a taxi to the museum 12km out of town.

The region that we are in at the moment is the driest in the world. As a result the area is very rich in archaelogy and remains from 2000BC are immaculately preserved, the best being the family of mummies dating back to 7000BC. Plenty of other artefacts on display, ceramics, clothing, agricultural tools, weapons etc. Another very good museum.

Once back in town we headed for the beach and spent the afternoon chatting with Jos, or as Danny misheard his name and now calls him Yours.

Next stop was an excellent fish restaurant Mata Ringa which overlooked the harbour. When we arrived the place was closed but luckily, Yours with his top notch Spanish persuaded them to open up just for us. Delicious but we still found room for Dr Mango's icecream -biggest single scoops of icecream I have ever encountered. I am ashamed to say that my eyes were definitely bigger than my belly and for once Danny was not prepared to leap in and finish it for me and so half of it ended up in the bin.

Day 295 complete

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