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We start our journey into the valley.

There are small churches (caves) with various mosaics throughout the valley.

A view from the path.

Some of the churches in the valley walls

More dwellings along the way.

Local boys taking a swim break.

Annika is kind enough to give daddy a break.

Patty catches some shade with the sheep and goats

These cows didn't mind us passing thru

A good look at one of the churches along the way

Hey, look, some sheep!

Uuuhh...dad...there getting closer.

Holy shit! Feet don't fail me now!

Phew....That was close!

Leaving the Ihlara Valley.

Before we arrived at our Cappadocia destination, we decided to take a little detour and visit the Ihlara Valley. We hiked the 20km (most with Annika in a backpack) in a day and it was one of the highlights of our entire trip. The landscape was amazing, but more interesting was walking through the active farms and herders along the way. For the day, it was like being transferred back in time a couple thousand years.

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