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We left Wellington behind this morning and in good time too because it was lashing rain just as we were getting the bus. It rained pretty much all the way up to Napier but it was really nice and warm when we got here, we even put our shorts on and gave our one pair of jeans a rest. On the way up we saw 2 kiwis in a wildlife reserve because it's nearly impossible to see them in the wild, they're nocturnal and shy. They're a lot bigger than you'd expect, about the size of a turkey (seen as it's Christmas). We only got a picture of a model because the kiwis we saw were in a dark house and the photos wouldn't come out. Tomorrow we are going diving in the aquarium with a bunch of sharks. We never get to see them in the wild so this is our only way we reckon. After that we are going on a bit of an Art Deco tour since Napier is the Art Deco capital of New Zealand. We'll write more about that when we learn about it.

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