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Ten Things We Have Learned so Far on This Trip

1. Having a washing machine for laundry is such a luxury...although doing your laundry by hand in the sink really makes you think twice about whether something is really dirty or if you can wear it just one more time!

2. We can both still read novels! Amazing how good a book can be when you have time to get into it and enjoy it.

3. 'The water is as warm as a bath' must be a saying that was started in the Seychelles where the ocean water is almost 90 degrees! On the other hand, perhaps it came from Dubai where a freshly drawn glass of water from the cold water tap was almost 90 degrees!

4. You have to look far and wide to get a beer...or any kind of alcohol in Dubai! How tragic is that!?! Good thing for international hotel chains and the Irish Pub! We are now convinced the Irish need beer in their body to survive and therefore their government has placed a pub in every city in the world.

5. Venturing into toilets in some foreign countries can be quite an adventure and some of them should come equipped with an 'Easy to Use' manual to help you out!

6. 'I'm getting hungry' is warning sign to find some food quick or risk have a very grumpy and irritable person on your hands!! Heaven forbid if we are both hungry at the same time - steer clear.

7. Digital photography has saved us a small fortune in film cost! On some days when we take over 200 pictures (before editing them) you can imagine why Kodaks shares have dropped lately! Yes, we still fear our printing costs when we get home though!

8. Cooking our own dinner and eating in can be such a joyous occasion after having to eat out for so many weeks in a row. We almost tipped the grocery clerk 10 - 15% of our grocery bill as it was a service we were so happy to have!

9. Travelling is such an incredible education we are going to start the Round the World University where students do nothing but roam the globe for 4 years. It is sure to wipe out racism, religious and political miscomprehensions and probably save parents and students money over the current education costs!

10. No matter what country you are in, all taxi companies have their share of scammers that are really out to 'take you on a ride!'

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