Antonia & Ingrid's World Tour 2004 travel blog

Schiphol Airport - Everything DID fit in the backpack (just!!!)

Mum has opted for the bag on wheels!

The "Grote Markt" of Madrid

We have no idea what this building is...but it´s pretty kool looking!!!

Real Madrid Football Stadium - for Miss Jayne & Mand

Enterance hotel in Madrid, mum was getting concerned about the quality of...

Managed to pack almost everything into my backpack. Had to leave a few things behind but not much. Very proud of my packing achievements.

We arrived in Madrid in the afternoon and seemed to spend a lot of time waiting for one thing or the other. Waiting, Waiting, Waiting....

We checked into our Hostal which was near the Plaza Mayor in the middle of Madrid. They were renovating the entrance so it looked really dodgy. Mum had the look of shock on her face. She thought what kind of accommodation is this. She finally recoverd when she saw that the Hostal was ok.

We spent the afternoon walking around Madrid. Later in the afternoon Mum wanted to do a tour on a double decker bus which we did. This did give me the opportunity to see some fantastic buildings including the Real Madrid Football Stadium (Miss Jayne and Mand the attached pic is for you). Tried to track down Bec´s so I could get a photo for you but he´s a hard man to find!!

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