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Here we are sunrise at Mt Bromo Surabaya Indonesia


smoking Bromo

here comes the the way .it's freezing up here

where's my face?




you can see three volcanos here

then after the horse trip you walk up










I had a brief stopover in Surabaya ,Indonesia..where there are numerous active Vocanoes. The most famous of these is Mr. Bromo which sits in a Caldera of three active Vocanoes each erupts every 10 minutes like Old faithful..mostly smoke and sulfur steam. The locals have a $60 trip that includes a room, freee breakfast . wake up at 3am, warm jacket, a jeep ride to the viewing point (see Photos) then a horse ride to the top of the volcano and bus fare back to the city. You really have to take this trip if you visit Surabaya. I recommend Hotel Indah which sits right on the rim of the Caldera. After the cold climates of Japan and Korea it was a pleasure to come back for a few days into hot humid climate although both are extremes and both are hard on the body and respiratory system. But the Indonesians are pleasant people and very rip offs here. However there were US gov. travel warnings not to visit Indon. at this time due to Islamic terror bombings as well as the Avian birt flu which is spreading all through Asia H2N1 it's call..and they have had to exterminate millions of chickens already and expect to have to do more before this deadly epidemic is stopped....I am glad I got in and out without any trouble. Next is a final stop in Hong Kong before flying home.....HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE. gLEN

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