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Ooo look a temple

and some weird things inside (this was heaven, hell was very weird!!)

more dragons

ooo and more!!

Lanzhou - 8th most polluted city in the world

Did i mention the pagodas

Location - Zhongwei

Weather - pleasant, only rain so far was first night of camping outside beijing.

Zhongwei - first properly none tourist town - very curious chinese, very nice town, not many attractions, but nice night market - dinner cooked in front of you. Also very funky monastary - weird rooms full of heavenly music and weird and wonderful buddhas. Cellar had been turned into Hell, with ultraviolet light and screams - house of horrors chinese style, worth going just to check it out.

Lanzhou - lots of shopping, not that badly polluted for 8th most polluted in the world. Expensive night out in our first chinese nightclub - was quite an experience, but all too tired to really make the most of it.

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