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Hoh Hot big wheel

Weird Fruit

Cool Temple

Musical Fountains

Chinese airforce

Location - Hoh Hot - first hotel break since leaving Beijing

Weather - yup it was Hot..

First Hotel since leaving beijing, much loved shower, after 4 days days on the road, took 2 showers to get rid of the dirt from camping - no showers while camping as we only have a limited supply of water (300 litres), and have to be careful where we fill up otherwise it tastes of mothballs (naptholene)

Very modern city, KFC, MC'ds lots of department stores, what i imagine japan to look like. Interesting mongolian museum - Ho hot is capital of inner mongolia. First and only evidence of crime in our entire journey (little oik try's to nick Helen's bag, swiftly delt with a boot up the backside)

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