Jane and Terry - Around the World 21st May '04 to 20th April '05 travel blog

Very woolly Alpaca (Terry later tried one for lunch ....sorry veggies)

Thermal baths...gorgeous

Condor ... TS took 50 photos of them, you can see the...

Gorgeous view with the Canyon in the background (heehee, I love doing...

2 Day Tourist Tour to Chivay and Colca Canyon for 18 US each. Not happy about being part of a tour but it seemed the easiest way to get there and see everything.

Long bus ride to Chivay. Saw vicunas (like deer), alpacas and vizcachas (like rabbbits). Great scenery on the way with views of the Andies and lots of Volcanos over 5,500m. Very hot thermal waters in Chivay with an outdoor pool. Stayed there for 2 hrs to get a much needed clean, and had a nice beer while bathing.

Next morning up at 5am to see the Condors flying above the Canyon. There for 8:30am. About 10 to 15 Condors flying really close to us. Huge birds, and can be as wide as 3m. Canyon was beautiful as well.

Way back took a gamble and got off the bus early, to get a bus straight to Puno. Wanted to get there as early as poss. Worked out OK. Sat in cabin of a bus with the locals laughing at us for 4hrs.

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