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We travelled by overnight bus from Arequipa to Nasca, on Webnesday morning the 23rd. I didn't enjoy the trip, I couldn't sleep and my stomach was still delicate. When we arrived in Nasca, we were brought to a hotel that also appeared like a compound, though it had a swimming pool. There seemed little in the town of Nasca, the main reason tourists come here is to see the Nasca lines. These are lines etched on the stoney sandy plains by the Nasca peoples during pre-Inca times. To appreciate these lines you need to see them from a plane, they can depict animals and designs. Their significance is not fully understood, but it's supposed to be impressive.

Anyway, I didn't go on the plane trip to see these lines, instead I took to the bed and waited for the doctor. This was the lowest point of my illness, I felt weak and shakey. The doctor was real old, and my guide translated all. I got a prescription for antibiotics and electrolyte solutions. I was instructed to drink Papaya juice, and eat chicken and bread/rice from then on. (Did you know Papaya is great for delicate stomachs!!). I spent the rest of the day resting and taking my medication.

So that was Nasca.


On Thursday, we headed by bus to Pisco. The scenery round this part is all desert, some rocky sand, some fine sand. It is not particulary hot, a la Sahara, just incredibly arid and barren looking. I liked looking at it. We stopped at an oasis around lunch time, most of the group went sand boarding and tripping by sand buggies. I just chilled and felt content as I knew my medication was beggining to sort me out. I nibbled crackers and drank my Papaya juice.

In the afternoon, we reached Pisco, a fair size town known for ardent muggers. So we were told not to go out and postpone ATM trips 'til we arrive in Lima. Our guide and companions (together)had been mugged in broad daylight when last here. Well since I was feeling lazy I just read and chatted, it suited me okay.

The next morning, Friday, some went off to an island to see wildlife, I didn't as I will see more and better on the Galapados next month. Then in the afternoon we all headed by bus to Lima, back to the big smoke.

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