Torita's Travels 2007/08/09 travel blog

Torita's Travels 2007/08/09

Tom & Rita travel blog

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Welcome to our trip journal!

Rita & Tom have finally retired and have set their age long plans into action. We sold our home and moved to the family cottage making it our principal residence.

Over the summer months we purchased a 2000 Ford F250 truck and a 2001 Conquest 5th wheel trailer. The 5er was our home while we put the cottage on a concrete foundation, repaired the roof and redid the kitchen floor. These actions have made it possible to enjoy our presence here longer in the spring and further into the fall months.

On November 26th/07 we shall begin the next chapter of our lives by departing PEI and heading for our first trip to Texas.

My Grandmother was born in a little cattle town called Goshen, about 70 miles south east of Dallas near the city of Athens. Her father was drawn there from Prince Edward Island, being a carpenter and a blacksmith, by the construction opportunities of a new growing 'cattle town'.

Goshen is no longer an active town in fact it is a 'Ghost Town' with only the cemetery being left as a reminder of past years.

Her Father attempted to stop a team of runaway horses and lost his life in the attempt. Her older sister also departed this life during their stay in Goshen. Rita and I want to stand by the grave marker to say we were there.

Year 2008/09 trip has begun and we are using last years format so don't confuse last years travel with this years (especially on the maps)

We've decided this year to stay relatively in one spot because of the special friends we've found and want to reunite with so the traveling shall occur in coming to Corpus Christi and of course our returning home in the spring. This has become our favorite method to keep in touch with our family and friends as well as keep me out of mischief on some days.
You will probably have to listen to me whine time to time about the weather but I must come to the grips that it is winter in Texas as well as home. Please have fun as you follow us around, because that's what life is all about.
Friends, Fun & Sunshine is what it's all about and we do rejoice.

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