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I have decided to take a 12 month career break to travel the "very long way home". It's an amazing feeling. I can wake up when my eyes wake up and forget about suits and make-up, phones and blackberries, clients and deadlines.

I plan to hang around London and watch as much cricket as possible (Australia v's England and Pakistan) and follow the last week of the Tour de France through the Pyrenees in a wicked campervan. Then it's off to Istanbul to explore the Grand Bazaar, followed by a month or two lazing in the Greek Islands and Turkey. I will travel along the Turkish coast before making my way to Moscow to board the Trans-Mongolian Express to Beijing. From here, I'll spend a month travelling though China before boarding a flight from Hong Kong to Sydney in time for the Australian summer. I'll try to include the most interesting and unusual parts of the journey for you.

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The decision to go
Race with Champions for...
Cagaloglu Hamami (Turkish...
Driving south along the...
Sneaking a few days on Lesvos
Soaking up the sun in Samos
The perfect day, Mykonos
Walking in Naxos
Paros, a real sense of...
Blown away by the...
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