Lynsey's Radical Solo Adventure 2005 travel blog

Lynsey's Radical Solo Adventure 2005

Lynsey travel blog
Welcome to the (hopefully) up to date journal of my 12 month adventure, I hope you enjoy checking out what I'm up to! I'm starting this journal as of the first day of no longer being a TAFE NSW employee, and including my pre-holiday holiday in Queensland and Sydney.

The #1 on the Eastern Australia map shows where I begin my journey (good ol' Wagga) and the red dot shows my location the last time I was able to post an update. The green lines and numbered squares will show the path I've taken. Click the links on the right for details of each entry and to see any related photos that I've posted.

You can e-mail me at any time and I'll pick up your message the next time I update this website.

Cheers, Lynsey xxx

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New Job
Picnics & Fish and Chips
Stuff & False Creek
Whistler Again
House party
Stanley Park
Happy Anzac Day
More photos, Whistler & AMEC
Becky's party & Arts County Fair
A couple more photos
Fun Stuff
1904 Waterloo St
Thanks for the messages!
Last day in Oz
Coochiemudlo Island
My First Post
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