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 Map:  North America 
Map North America
Traveling in United States
Out and About the Southwest- local trips and outings 

 Trip Journals 
2020 Short Summer
Polar Bear Adventure
Olympic Peninsula & North Pacific Coast 2019
Summer 2018--Part I: Sightseeing and Culture
Spring 2018
SUMMER 2017--Sight-seeing and a Long Term Stay
SPRING 2017: Friends & Flowers
Out and About the Southwest- local trips and outings
Summer 2016: Colorado and the NorthWest
2015 Extended Trip: Summer & Fall
Alaska 2014
Summer 2013: Sierras, Cascades & Rockies
Summer 2012: Cooling Our Wheels
Summer 2011 - East Coast & More
Summer 2010 - Gulf Coast, Key West & much more
Pacific Coast 2009
Alaska trip -- Summer 2008

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