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South American Splendors 2006

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In February 2006 Janine and I took a 18 day tour across South America with Ayres Adventures.

During the tour we traveled 5,000km through Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and into southern Brazil. Our route took us across the Andes twice and along the coasts of both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. It truly was a sampling of "South America's Splendors."

We had no real idea what to expect on several levels. We had never traveled to South America, never dealt with Ayres and had never been on an organized motorcycle tour.

To say we were delighted beyond our wildest expectations does not begin to express this trip and the experience of riding with Ayres. They offer tours throughout the world and from our experience are the best tour operators of any kind we have ever come across.

The tour we took was called "South American Splendors". For more information visit Ayres Adventures.

We decided on an organized tour for our first trip to South America since we a had limited amount of time for vacation and all the details were worked out for us including supplying the motorcycle. I understand that shipping your motorcycle to South America is not all that tough but would hardly worth it for 2 or 3 weeks.

Also, we speak very little spanish. We likely could have gotten by with a phrase book and a lot of pointing in most instances but border crossings or an emergency would have been a nightmare on our own the first time.

There were only 6 other riders on the tour; 1 from Langley, BC, 4 from the USA and 1 from Austrailia. This small number is typical of an Ayres Adventure.

The Tour Leader was Mauricio Fernades who is a world class enduro rider from Brazil. He has won many enduros in South American and has ridden the Paris to Dakar Rally twice, finishing 12th on his second attempt. He also conducts the BMW off road rider training in Brazil.

Joao Sorbello from Brazil was the Assistant Tour Leader. Joao is a lawyer by profession and an accomplished motorcycle road racer.

Both Mauricio and Joao rode with the group with Mauricio leading the way and Joao taking up the rear to help anyone who might need assistance. A third team member, Marcelo de Oliviera Vieira, also from Brazil, drove a support vehicle with a trailer carrying our luggage and a spare motorcycle in the event of a breakdown. The attention to detail by Ayres and this team was indescribable.

The trip gave us exactly what we were looking for; a wonderful experience and great first time introduction to travel in South America by motorcycle. We will definitely be going back.

The journal entries below include some photos to give you a feel for what the trip was like. Use the map links at the bottom of the page to get various levels of detail on our route.

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