Grand Circle of North America 2012 travel blog

Grand Circle of North America 2012

Lynda and Bob travel blog
It is going on ten months since we arrived at Jojoba Hills SKP Resort; our new home base in the high desert of Southern California between Los Angeles and San Diego. As best as we can anticipate at this juncture Jojoba will be the final resting place for our RV (fifth wheel) for as long as we own it. Although it was a great adventure we have had enough of pulling this nine-ton home on wheels around the country. Our many maintenance issues took a lot of the joy out of the full-time RVing lifestyle but in retrospect we are not true RVers; certainly I’m not. It was interesting to learn that Carriage, the manufacturer of our rig, recently went out of business. Although I hate to hear about people losing their jobs, Carriage deserves it.
Our decision to come to Jojoba Hills has proved to be a wise one. We have met more people here with whom we have something in common than the entire three and one-half years on the road. The weather has been consistently good particularly this winter; even the summer was not excessively hot and the nights were always cool. For Lynda the Olympic size pool, the activities, and social life have been a real boon, something she had hoped to find during this adventure. For a time I was a bit off balance with Jojoba’s community involvement. Being more of a loner I found this sense of community too intrusive but I feel I’ve now found my bearings. An extremely important aspect of making Jojoba our home base is financial. After paying our membership fee – that we get back when we leave or die – our base cost is approximately $230/month plus electric. This low cost has allowed us to build our travel fund for our upcoming travels. In other words our retirement income is almost all spendable.
After ten months with only a short trip to Northern California it is time to “hit the road’ again. On March 20 we will embark on a six-month “grand circle” of North America by automobile. Yes, we’re back to living out of a suitcase, eating most meals out, and staying with family and friends, and at hotels and B&Bs. Lynda is a bit apprehensive about this mode of travel for so long but it won’t be an “If it’s Tuesday it must be Belgium” marathon. I’ve planned some stops of a week or more along the way and some relatively short driving days. We both feel better about not having “a 3.5 earthquake” following us down the highway while we listen for the next blowout.
This new journal will cover our goings on and the interesting stories and sights along the way. We’ll begin by heading east to Atlanta for Mindy’s (our youngest granddaughter) wedding on April 21 in Atlanta. En route we’ll stop in Phoenix to see friends and family, and Spring Training baseball with Bill and Betty; then it’s Albuquerque to visit Lynda’s cousin Elaine and her former colleague Roger. From there we go to Canyon, TX to see my daughter Mary and her family followed by a week with Betty and Bill in Oklahoma City. From OKC we move on to Louisiana to visit two cousins who I recently found in my genealogy journey, and the sights, sounds, and tastes of New Orleans.
After the wedding it is on to our Nation’s Capitol to see David and Cris, and friends before spending three or four weeks in Pennsylvania including more genealogy research in my home town of Pittsburgh. From there we head to Eastern Canada (with a couple of friend stops along the way) for two months or so in the Maritime Provinces where we’ll meet cousin Kim Bell in Newfoundland for the first time face to face – we’ve met before on Skype. In early August the trek west along the northern tier begins with stops in Quebec City, Montreal, perhaps Ottawa – to see Kim’s sister, Jane Robin, and Toronto. From Toronto we’ll reenter the U.S. at Port Huron, MI head north to Mackinac Island, the Upper Peninsula (UP), and west to Glacier National Park for a week at a time-share. Finally, we will wend our way south back to Jojoba with hopes of seeing Crater Lake in Oregon before it is snowed in. Are you tired yet? Lynda is exhausted just thinking about it! If our travels interest you come along!

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The Final Lap to Jojoba
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