Sinan and Natacha - Our 2005 Trip to Turkey travel blog

Sinan and Natacha - Our 2005 Trip to Turkey

Sinan and Natacha travel blog
Our trip to Turkey will remain one of the most amazing journeys of my life. I was lucky enough to catch an insider's glimpse into a rich culture based on family and friends. Turkey, a land where history was first written and civilizations created. Sinan and I shared laughter and tears and fell deeply in love. As we plan our wedding and look to our future we will remember this trip as where our bond was cemented and our future became one.

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The Funeral
Goıng To Adana
Our last night in Mersin
Back in Iskenderun
Mourning Ceremonies
My Trip to the Hospital
Thank you for the kind...
flight detail
The Final Word
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