family and friends in Europe 2015 travel blog

family and friends in Europe 2015

And we are off. Grammar and I are heading for Europe today for 39 days. By popular request from Sweden and Scotland, we are bringing good weather with us (and raincoats).

This is a big visiting trip: to Sweden to see Teslin and Hugo and the three kids, to Germany to visit with Lina's family and to Scotland to visit Ruth and Andrew Currie with whom we went to Russia last year. It should really fun.
World-Europe map

Order: oldest at top ( reverse )

August 15-16
August 17, 18, 19
August 20, 21
August 22,23 Eskilstuna
August 24 The Day of...
Fielbingert and Bad...
Baderhus, Bad Kreuznach
Bingen x two, and tractors
Mining and Minerals
Crovie, Scotland part 1
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