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The quest to climb all of China's mountains continues. After two previous trips that extended the length of the Great Wall from the Bohai Bay into the Taklamakan and Gobi deserts, this year I'll be heading down through China's interior, from the coastal province of Shandong and on through Anhui and Jiangxi. If you drew a line from Beijing to Hong Kong, that would be a rough approximation of the route.
In Shandong I'll have the opportunity to ascend Tai Shan (no. 1 sacred mountain in China and the Daoist eastern peak) and Lao Shan (where China's earliest Buddhist pilgrim, Fa Xian, landed upon return from India in 5th century AD; now it's a Daoist site, though).
In Anhui it's on to Jiuhua Shan's 99 peaks (earthly abode of Ksitigarbha, the Bodhisattva of the Underworld; the gateway is featured on the left, photo by Perrine, 2003), Huang Shan (abode of contorted pine trees and sheer granite cliffs), and Qiyun Shan (minor Daoist site).
Finally will pass through Jiangxi and the illustrious Lu Shan (birthplace of Pure Land Buddhism and hermitage for numerous poets, also the site of several major CCP power struggles) and Jingang Shan (mythic debut of the Long March). Unfortunately, will not have time for Longhu Shan (Dragon Tiger Mountain, birthplace of Zhengyi Daoism) nor Sanqing Shan (another minor Daoist site).
Of course, I am possibly the only person reading this who cares about these mountains, so I'll try and post pix from other interesting spots along the way, like the Tsingtao brewery.

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