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We are often asked why we picked South Dakota as our residence and how does it work. When full-timing, a State of residency is required. The United States Government mandates this. Three States South Dakota, Texas and Florida make it convenient for full-time RVers to become residents. None of these three have State Income Tax.

While ranked as the 17th largest US State, South Dakota has less than 1 million people for it’s total population. Full-Timers` add to that number for census counting allowing for increased federal funding and representation. This is also beneficial because Full-Timers do not use social services like schools, police and fire because typically they travel outside the state.

We do not own any property in South Dakota. We simply contracted with a mail forwarding service that specializes in Full-Timers. The service provides us with our vehicle registration and voter’s registration. We are only required to go to South Dakota to obtain our driver’s licenses. We vote only in national elections…it would be absurd to vote in local politics. Our mail service emails us daily (if necessary) with the return label information of whatever mail we received that day. The service has a limited power of attorney to open, scan and email to us any mail that we feel may need immediate attention. Otherwise, a couple times a month, we have the mail forwarded to the RV park we are staying. Most RV parks accept mail delivery for customers.

Florida and Texas operate in similar fashion with slightly different twists.

We welcome you to join us in our travels albeit vicariously! If you have any questions, you can email Diane at IT IS A VERY GOOD LIFE!

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