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Welcome to our site detailing our 7 month journey around the world. We visited 18 countries traveling as much as possible overland which entailed many long and overnight train, bus and boat rides. This was a life-long dream of both of us and proved to be an extremely rewarding experience.
A little about ourselves:
We have five grown children, and recently moved to Santa Fe, NM after 18 years in the Seattle, WA area of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Before that we lived in Northern CA where we met, but we are both born and raised New Yorkers. We own a waterfront house in Bali on the quiet north coast and rent it out much of the year to vacationers--see it at:
We love to travel and although we had seen much of Europe and Asia, we had some free time and wanted to experience a trip around the world. We found that the most difficult part of planning this trip was deciding where not to go--of course we had a limited time so we couldn't go everywhere.
Our adventure took us to Europe (France, Italy, Greece); 7 weeks in the Muslim countries of Morocco, Turkey, Syria, Jordan & Egypt; a safari in Kenya and Tanzania and a little time on the beaches of Zanzibar; the mountains and coast of Sri Lanka; 5 weeks in India--Kerala, Mumbai, the desert of Rajasthan, Agra, Varanasi; Kathmandu & some trekking around Pokhara in Nepal; Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Southern China and Hong Kong; and a month at our house in Bali.
We hope you read and enjoy reading about our travels.

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