U.S. Route 80 The Dixie Overland Highway travel blog

U.S. Route 80 The Dixie Overland Highway

we have finished a historic route from savannah ga to san diego ca,. old route 80, we thank everyone who followed and those who commented as we travelled, for our numbers people for this trip ie: miles etc:
total mileage on trip = 6221mi
total mileage on rt80 = 3509mi
total days of trip = 44 days
total days on rt80 = 34 days
today days of fun. = 44
total days w/o fun = 0
total days of rain = 0
misty days........ = 4
coldest nite temp. = 43
warmest nite temp. = 65
high = 7000' (flagstaff az)
lowest = -61' below sea level (seeley ca)
old rt80 is the southern most highway not interstate that goes coast to coast using the same number and 90% of it was a 2 lane'r, hope you enjoyed it and the many photos of the days gone bye!!! what photos you may have seen, may not be there as time goes bye...

this is our 2015 fall trip, it is the old rt80 dixie overland route following as much on original rt80 roads as possible, as with rts 66, 50, 40 the national rd, much were decommisioned years ago but at one time these roads were the hot spots of travel from east to west after the big wars 1&2... we also plan a few side trips to several natl., parks, parks we have seen and returning to see how much change... follow along at your own pace by keeping this link...  


REMEMBER, you can change map views buy clicking on the map names under the main map...

REMEMBER TOO, dates that are in color have notes attached to them, click anyone of them...

ron & bb

Order: oldest at top ( reverse )

Nov 5/15
desert view tower
Nov 5/15
jacumba ca
Nov 5/15
boulevard ca
day 31 boulder oats ca...
Nov 6/15
pine valley ca
day 32 - el cajon ca -...
Nov 7/15
la mesa ca
Nov 7/15
hillcrest ca
day 33 - san diego -...
Nov 8/15
the boulevard - san diego
Nov 8/15
balboa park ca
Nov 8/15
fourth&broadway san diego
day 34 - END OF US RT80
Nov 8/15
Thanks To All Who...
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