Roland's East Coast Adventure 2012 travel blog

Roland's East Coast Adventure 2012

Greetings and Salutations!
Follow me and my chosen companions on a whirlwind tour of the United States!
A little about myself...My name is Roland and I am officially called a "Tree Gnome". But unofficially I consider myself a "travelling" gnome. Tree gnomes typically stay just in the tops of the trees, but I wasn't satisfied with that so I hitched a ride on The Carroll families RV when they were filling up with gas one day. I was pleasantly surprised to see they already had a pair of trolls travelling with them, Basil and Esmeralda and much to my happiness, they welcomed me with open arms!
So...sit back and follow us on an amazing adventure to the East Coast.

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Jul 22/11
Day 24 to 29 - Troutville
Jul 22/11
Day 30 - buckeye Lake...
Jul 22/11
Day 31 - Rock Island
Starting point
Day 1!!! ...And we are...
Day 2...Back on the...
Day 3...554 miles...
Day 4...How red is...
Day 5....Minnie..soda...
Day 6..."No, I'm from...
Day 7 I was in a...
Day 8...Its a Adam...
Days 9-11 In Dayton Ohio
Day 12 to 14 In...
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