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Welcome to my trip journal and thanks for visiting my travel site.
This has been a dream of mine for the past several years. Seems like so many people want to travel, as I intend to do, but have various reasons they cannot. I too thought the same thing for the same reasons, but here I am, almost ready to go!
For the past 20 years I have been employed in the Construction industry. Prepper, customer service, assistant super and superintndent have been my various titles. As you know its always an up or down market in that industry. Love the ups but the downs can last a long time. So I have decieded to take leave of that 13 hour a day job and spend the rest of my time doing what i really want to!
I will be traveling across this wonderful country of ours, seeing things i have only read about. Its a scarey proposition, leaving the comfort of a home, companionship of my famiy and friends and the security of having a place to shut out the world if i so decieded.
My title says it all. Its going to be a long road ahead, but I am positive it will be filled with fun, adventures, laughter and new friends.
Hopefully you'll come along with me and enjoy the trip. Please feel free to leave a comment or suggestion for me. I'll respond as soon as I can.

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