Jeff's Buddhist Pilgrimage 2005 travel blog

Jeff's Buddhist Pilgrimage 2005

Jeff H travel blog
Hi! I invite you to follow me on a one month pilgrimage to several Buddhist sites in Asia. I hope to meditate in many of the holy sites of Buddhism, mix with locals and visitors in the places I travel, experience the regional nature, and sample the local food. I am 42, a practicing Buddhist living in Northern California, a recovering alcoholic/addict and ER physician.
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Day 9. Bodh Gaya. The...
Day 10. Rajgir/Nalanda
Day 12. Varnasi
Day 14. Sarnath
Day 15. Kushinagar
Dec 2/05
Day 17. Sravasti.
Dec 4/05
Day 19. Lumbini.
Day 21. Katmandu, Nepal.
Day 25. Chiang Mai,...
Day 28. Angkor, Cambodia
Day 29. Bangkok
Journey's end
Pilgrim's Quotes
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