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Welcome to my travel website! Travel is a big part of my life. I grew up with stories that my dad told of travelling the Pacific Ocean as a merchant marine during the depression. My mom always read me stories of children in other countries. My first big trip was five weeks in Europe in 1968. My second trip was two years around the world back in the day when the American dollar went a very long way. Since then I have been on many trips to many different countries. I think MyTripJournal is a great way to record memories and to allow friends to travel with you rather than boring them to death when you get home.

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Map World-Europe
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Spanish Sojourn
Volunteering in Tanzania
A Group in Greece
Cavorting in Ceylon
Our voyage to Vietnam
Mexico City
21 Degrees North
Meandering in Myanmar
Friends in China
India On My Own
Our Trip to Cambodia

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