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Welcome to my travel website!

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 Trip Journals 
Across the USA, onto the Caribbean
The Amazing Adventure of Paul and Jim to the Philippines
PK to Europe 2018
PK and the Summer of 2017
PK 2 Australia
Paul and Basilio to Colombia
Service Project in Eastern Europe
UK Cruise
PK Round Korea
Crossroad to Armenia
"Round the World in 44 Days
Paul and Basilio Travel to Belize
PK--Lost in Europe
Paul's Trip to the Netherlands
PK to the Philippines 2013
Me in the Cote d' Ivoire
Paul to Armenia
Paul and Basilio to Peru
Paul in Europe 2012
Paul to the Middle East
PK's Trip to Hong Kong and the Philippines
Paul's Amazing Trip to Sweden, Denmark, and Germany
Paul and Jason to China and the Philippines
Paul 2 Scotland
Paul on the Baltic
Paul and Jason's Croatian Adventure
Paul n Marcus in Ukraine
Paul's Mediterranean Cruise
Paul in Japan and the Philippines

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