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This journal was originally meant to be a way to share with friends and family our dream of living full time on the road in our RV. Doug was the writer and I was the photographer. We experienced that dream for 4 wonderful years, traveling and enjoying the wonder of this beautiful world we live in.

After a long battle with cancer, Doug left this life in August 2011. Our beloved Standard Poodle, Fillmore, joined him just a few months later.

Although I (JoAnn) no longer have an RV, traveling is still my passion; and I will continue posting entries whenever I go on a trip. So far, there are accounts of trips to Hawaii, California, Canada, Costa Rica, Ireland, Spain, Iceland, Utah and the mountains of Northeastern Alabama. Just scroll down and click on the dates you want to read.

If you wish to be notified whenever there are new postings, go to the section of the top right of this page and follow the instructions to request update notices.

I want to continue to live Doug's motto of "Live life today, not next week!"

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