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Perhaps pilgrimage might be a more appropriate description of where we are traveling now. In any case we (Bonnie and I and others) have traveled quite a lot since 2001. We left just a short time before 9-11. From that first family trip when we went first to the Philippines to pick up sister/aunt/sister-in-law/friend Mari who was completing her stint in the Peace Corps until now our world perspective has changed dramatically. We were on Apo Island completing our diver's certification course when we heard via short wave radio about 9-11. There was no reality to it! However, gradually over the next 8-9 months in China/S.E. Asia I heard over and over from the people we encountered a sincere, heartfelt compassion I have not heard since. I sensed at the time that if we had a true leader of what we once called the Free World, the reaction to this violent act would have been much different and we might have been on a different trajectory now. It was an attack not just against Americans after all. This was the World Trade Center. People who died were from everywhere and the outpouring of sympathy I felt was with that in mind.
What was our leadership's response? Vengeance! Strike back to bring about justice. A war on terror! We know now what that means and where it has led us! But where were those who wondered why this had happened, what caused such a violent act to be perpetrated? In whose name or for what end? What history went into the thought process which gave these individuals the necessary justification to murder innocent people? And likewise now, what justification do we have in continuing to murder innocent people? I've heard no in depth analysis of these issues.
I did not know or care about keeping a journal on that first trip...a regret. But much of what we experienced and learned on that first junket has informed our travels since then even as we have seen travel itself change dramatically in the intervening years.
That opportunity lost after 9-11 got me to look back at the many, many other opportunities when the situation and people involved could have taken steps in creating bonds of peace and greater understanding. And then I realized that I have been one of those people ignoring the reality we faced and totally unaware of my position to act. In 18 + years I have been (and mostly continue to be) an observer. In my poor pathetic way I am trying to rectify that by maintaining this blog.
It has become my pilgrimage of sorts because as I mentioned, I/we are living in a different environment, one we cannot ignore anymore. So these entries will focus on another kind of travel not just through space and time but in thought as well. Our situation today faces not only more violence in general, but the tribal kind...the kind bred in racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia, chauvinism, and all the other -isms/ills of humankind. Failed states, mass migrations, even mass extinctions of species brought about by increased human competition for every conceivable resource on earth. Religions have capitalized upon their beliefs as much as corporations to gain power and influence and in doing so both have created an immense disparity between the wealthy and 90-95% of the world's population. Our profligate ways have destroyed huge swaths of the natural world and left us with an earth incapable of supporting the human species as we have evolved into the present day. Not only do we face annihilation via nuclear holocaust, humanity faces the existential threat of climate change, a very real future which will bring an end to even our best efforts as a species.
I intend to write about resilience, mitigation, adaptation, and even subsistence. I might wander into actual travel just to give background to where my thoughts are coming from. But I encourage ALL communication, feedback, input in any form!
As Red Green would say, "Keep your stick on the ice! Remember, we're all in this together!"
Book I Recommend:
This Life: Secular Faith and Spiritual Freedom by Martin Hägglund

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