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Nick's World Trip 2005


I am home! I've arrived back from Asia and, as you may have noticed, despite my best intentions I didn't manage to put the final updates on before I left.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to look at the site. The number of people taking an interest in what I've been up to has been quite flattering. My highest number of hits in one day was 33 back in April, but that was something of a one off and normally the figures have been much lower than that. Still, I am aware that I am no budding Bill Bryson style travel writer so thanks for having a look, I hope I haven't bored you too much!

It's been a great trip and I've seen and done some fantastic things. I would have been happy to stay away for another 10 months, but it was time to come home (for now at least). I go back to work at Kirklees tomorrow morning, a job I have until April.

In the mean time I've been getting used to being back home and catching up with people. Everything feels (and is) pretty much the same as when I left...the weather is a bit damp and dismal and its dark at 6pm...good old England! More unusually, Huddersfield Town are top of the league which is good!

If you send me anything via the website site I should still pick it up although it's probably better to email direct to my hotmail address because I will check that much more regularly. If you ever want to refer to the website for any reason it will be sitting here until the end of the year when the spece rental runs out.



Back in Bangkok, the last destination of the trip. I will be back in the UK in just a few days but I'll put on some updates tomorrow if I have time. Wednesday if not.


As I said, I've not taken many photos. It's been a painfully slow process (I have never used internet anywhere as slow as it is in this country!)but I've added the pictures I have.

Nick (in Phnom Penh)


I've added some Laos updates but I haven't taken that many photos recently so I'm going to wait before adding them (and I'm hoping it might be cheaper to do that in Cambodia).

It's coming towards the end of the trip now as I have less than two weeks left before I'm back in England. I am due to return on the 14th October.

As time is now running short I have decided to miss Vietnam. Getting a visa would have been expensive and meant sitting around in Laos for another day. Not worth it really considering I'd ony be able to spend a couple of days there anyway. So instead, I fly back to Vientiane this evening and then catch a flight to Phnom Penh (the capital of Cambodia) on Sunday (tomorrow) morning. From here I will work my way back to Bangkok, where I'm scheduled to fly out of on the 13th.


PS The line on the map is starting to look a bit confusing!

I hope that you enjoy looking at this site, I'll try to update it as much as possible, and its not just a oneway thing, it would be great to hear what everybody is up to whilst I'm away.

Also, thanks to Jo for getting this web space for me, and to everyone who I worked with at booksplus for their generosity. I bought a security device which covers my rucksack with the money that you gave me. Many thanks.

Nick :)
Don't forget that you can click on to all the maps at the bottom of this homepage to see a far more accurate line of where I've been if you want.
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