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Melinda's Merida Mini-Break!

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Well here I am back from Mexico! This web site is set up a bit differently from the one I had in China, mainly from the point that I put most of this out here after I got back. I have even moved the original entry page to be the first entry.

Yucatan, and especially Merida, is AMAZING and beautiful! If you have never been I highly recommend it.... And yes! I would go back in a heart beat, already told the hotel staff to be ready!

The trip its self, well............................... Let's just say I have had better, no every trip I have ever had has been better, and I have had worse, well no I haven't...... and by no means was it a bad trip because of the destination!

But, that's life! Travelling with someone for the first time (and the last) is just like Russian Roulette, the only difference I get to live and learn after pulling the trigger.

So here you have the meanderings and wanderings of my thoughts and impressions from before the journey and after, and they are in some cases those never ending ramblings to which you certainly have come to know me for!

As a small warning I had a bit of sun travel and ended up with second degree burns and blisters on my face. In several of the pics of me, and there aren't many, my face is very swollen and red. And in the one on this page that was today actually, you might find my face looking a bit splotchy on the forehead, chin and cheeks. Well those ladies and gents would be the newest additions to my collection of scars. I just count my blessings they are not nearly as bad as they could have been and I do think that over time they will continue to diminish.

So cheers to all! Hope you are well! And as always big hugs to you all!

Yours always,
May 12,2006

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