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Silverheels II - The Mediterranean by Sea

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After spending the last few years exploring the cruising grounds of the Caribbean sea, Silverheels II will be spending the next few months in the Mediterranean. Conveniently and not coincidentally, this period of time corresponds nearly exactly with hurricane season. Floridians should take heart, however, because the fact that we have moved the boat halfway around the world to avoid hurricanes virtually guarantees that there will be no hurricanes in Florida this year.

Odysseus spent nine years lost and wandering in the areas we are planning to visit. There are fundamental difference between Silverheels II and Odysseus' ship. Among other things, we have the benefit of satellite communications and navigation, air conditioning and about three thousand horsepower. Hopefully, modern technology will keep us on the right track.

I hope you'll visit this site when it is updated to keep apprised of our whereabouts. If we can avoid the Cyclops or being turned into pigs, it should be a good trip and if i'm not back in nine years, call the police.

-Michael Rohloff

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