Marj's Summer In China 2011 travel blog

Marj's Summer In China 2011

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My name is Marj, and I am a rising junior at Wesleyan University in CT. I am a double major in East Asian studies and environmental studies. This summer I was fortunate enough to not only find an internship with an environmental NGO in China, but also receive funding from Wesleyan's College of the Environment. I will be interning with the water resource NGO Green Longjiang in Harbin, China for 8 weeks. After the internship, I'll be traveling for about a week in China before returning home.

Thanks for visiting my trip journal. I hope you enjoy! Please drop me a message and tell me what you think, your experiences, etc.

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Arriving in Harbin
Day 1
Getting Settled: Classes,...
First Weekend
Pre-Beijing Catch-Up...
Beijing and This Week's Plans
Bird watching, interview
Trip 1: Taipinggou
Trip 1: Mingshan
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