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Welcome to my website! On April 15th, I leave LA for a journey around the world for charity! The Great Escape Foundation which supports great causes like Doctors without Borders,UNICEF, Mercy Corps and CARE, is sponsoring my "Blind Date with the World". I don't know where I will be going from day to day, but this global scavenger hunt will take me to at least ten different countries across four continents. At each destination I solve travel riddles, cultural clues and cryptic passages, leading me and my teammate to Lost Cities, sacred sites, cultural festivals, bustling bazaars, ancient ruins and exotic eateries. All I know is that we will visit China and India since I had to secure visas in advance.

I'll be documenting my journey online with pictures and impressions - so please come visit anytime! And of course, you can always just drop me a line at

If you'd like to make a donation to support my trip, please click the button below. Thanks so much for your support.

World-Pacific map

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Los Angeles
Hong Kong
Guangdong (Mainland China)
India - Delhi
Cairo, Egypt
Istanbul, Turkey
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