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manocha-curnoe trip 2008

Asha and Arabella and Darren travel blog
Welcome to the manocha-curnoe 2008 trip journal!

As you may know, Darren is on sabbatical for second semester of 2008 and is going overseas for his research. As you may also know, we all don't cope very well when we are separated for too long a period - as Asha is not domesticated, Arabella cries for Darren most days, and Darren just misses Arabella and Asha. So, we have decided that we will all go, because who knows when we will get to go on such a long trip again once
Arabella has started school.

So, the trip begins in late June 2008, with Darren heading off to South Africa for fieldwork. A few days later (2 July), Arabella and Asha will leave for Malaysia and Singapore, to do some family things, for a few weeks and then join Darren in South Africa (27 July). We will all be there for about 3.5 months with Darren working and Asha and Arabella lazying about. We will be travelling around South Africa for Darren's work and stop to do a few touristy things along the way. We will then (31 October) head off to south-western China, where Asha's mum Dorothy will join us, for 2 weeks to look around the Kunming area. This will make it about the second week of November. Darren will stay on to do field work, and Asha, Arabella and Dorothy will have a final holiday stop in Hong Kong for a few days before heading home (16-23 November). Darren will then be home by Christmas (22 december).

Keep yourselves posted as we hope to put up information and photos of our travels.

Love Asha, Darren and Arabella

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