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Maine Vacation 2011

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My family drove from Pittsburgh to Falmouth Foreside (my maternal grandfather's home), Portland (my paternal grandmother's apartment), Freeport (my Uncle Don's farm)and to Rangeley Lake (my grandmother's vacation cottage) every summer during the 1940's and 1950's.

Several years ago after visiting and reconnecting with my cousin Jere and his wife Angela in South Carolina, I began to realize that it was time to reconnect with Maine. My brother Dave and his wife Nancy enthusiastically asked to join us.

We added Acadia and Bar Harbor to our itinerary because we thought it might be our only chance to see the National Park. Also Bruce and I started out in Boston because we could not miss the chance to see our son Matt. We were pleased to be able make arrangements to have a meal with our cousin Priscilla Estes Emerson, but were disappointed that cousin Peg Griffiths would be out of town during our visit.

The trip was everything we wanted it to be and more. The visit with our cousin was as wonderful as the one with Jere and Angela Estes. Kayaking and visiting Acadia gave us a great look at coastal Maine. Rangeley was more built up, but unspoiled. The weather everywhere in Maine except for the day of Hurricane Irene was fantastic, mostly the 70's and sunny. This was a big bonus since weather in Houston during that period was in the 100's with drought conditions.

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Acadia and Bar Harbor
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