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Welcome to my trip journal! Follow me and Jim as we make our way west (in big, green Dora the Explorer, formerly known as Ford Behemoth) to investigate whether we really want to settle down for a while in the Piedmont region of Italy. I'll try to post regularly, depending on the connectivity we find on our route along the southern Black Sea coast, across northern Greece to Macedonia and up the Balkan Peninsula. We haven't decided yet whether to continue up the Dalmatian coast or take a ferry from Durres in Albania and drive the Adriatic coast of Italy. Either way we'll end up in Vicoforte, a village near Cuneo. So join us, all you armchair travelers!

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Tbilisi to the Black Sea
Gonio to Trabzond (Turkey)
Trabzond - Unye
Unye - Sinop
Sinop - Inebolu
Inebolu - Amasra
Amasra - Iznik
Iznik - Gelibolu
Gelibolu - Kavala (Greece)
Saturday in Kavala
Kavala - Pogradec (Albania)
Pogradec - Brindisi
Brindisi - Lanciano
Lanciano - San Marino
San Marino - Vicoforte (Mondovi)
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