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Welcome to our trip journal! We are travelling North America in our motorhome for a couple of years or so. We'll try and update entries daily, so check back often. Don't hesitate to leave a message or comment in the guestbook.

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Xpu-Ha Beach (day 2)
Xpu-Ha Beach (day 3)
Xpu-Ha Beach (day 4)
Xpu-Ha Beach (day 5)
Xpu-Ha Beach (day 6)
Xpu-Ha Beach (day 7)
Xpu-Ha Beach (day 8)
Calderitas (day 2)
Calderitas (day 3)
Calderitas (day 4)
Calderitas (day 5)
Calderitas (day 6)
Calderitas (day 7)
Calderitas (day 8)
Calderitas (day 9)
Calderitas (day 10)
Calderitas (day 11)
Calderitas (day 12)
Calderitas (day 13)
Maya Bell Campground...
Maya Bell Campground (day...
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