Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue 2011 travel blog

Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue 2011

Hello everyone and welcome to my online journal documenting my visit to Tasikoki wildlife rescue. I hope that I will be able to update this frequently and keep you all clued in to the happenings over here.

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A little intro to Tasikoki
Keep in Touch
The Journey Starts at Home
Highway in the Sky
First Day
First Kus Kus Surgery!
Baby Steps
Orangutan Escapades,...
Tasikoki Adventures and...
Days Off
More photos
There is a turtle in my...
Snorkeling Adventures and New...
Battle of Wills
Time to get creative
Mama said there would be...
What was that?
Refreshing Sights
Dance the night away
Oh deer!
Goodbye Tasikoki
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