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A Cairenian Semester

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NOTE: I have an Egyptian cell. The number (when calling from the U.S.) is 011-20-108872939. My American cell won't be turned on.

Hey everyone and welcome to my website!
For the winter/spring 2006 semester, I decided a switch was needed from a city of 8 million to a city of 16 million. Thus, my only choice was to pack my bags and head to the American University in Cairo for an Egyptian adventure! (with some possible studying thrown in)

Click on the journal entries below to read about my life in Cairo, and HOPEFULLY weekend travel expeditions as well (can anyone say Red Sea?) I will hopefully get some photos up too.

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g-town and thinking...
First Day
Camels, touts, and...
Coptic Cairo
Vocab, cats, and football
Bahariyya Oasis
More Cairo
Mom, Dad, and Aunt Lillie
Hurghada diving
a little bit of nyu in...
Al-AQSOR (aka Luxor)
once if every 200...
Dahab and Mt. Sinai
Mohamed Christmas
Frappes and Spanokopita
Whirling Dervishes
Tel Aviv and a...
Bethlehem and lots of...
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